Quaboag-Research.org is the new updated version of BrookfieldsResearch.com. If you are a first-time visitor, please note the new address for your links. (Note the dash between the words and the use of “org” instead of “com”).

The older site was created almost 10 years ago with the tools of those days. This new site utilizes WordPress and is faster, cleaner, and easier to navigate.

Quaboag-Research.org offers a collection of historical resources focusing on the Massachusetts towns of Brookfield, North Brookfield, East Brookfield, West Brookfield, Warren (Western), New Braintree, and the ancestral entity of all: The Quaboag Plantation.

This is only possible through the generosity of those towns, organizations, and the many residents who have a passionate interest in their history and the generosity to share both themselves, their work, and their passion with others.

Quaboag-Research.org is constantly growing and welcomes contributions of additional material, simply use the contact information in the menu above.

Thank you for visiting.

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